Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



                 Advanced Engineering Training (second time) at Ontario Power Generation, Nuclear Plants Group

November 29-30, 2005, Canada


Reassembly of a single-stage end-suction ANSI centrifugal pump, rotary gear pump, multiple-screw pump, progressing cavity pump. Understanding seals, bearings, internal loads, piping issues, and more.

Pump theory: how to read performance curve, NPSH, cavitation, reliability, troubleshooting, energy savings, MTBF, and more - including class assignments - solving real pump problem cases.

Feedback from the attendees:


"The course was very informative and the exercises challenging"


"Very good course. I loved it!"


"Using actual pumps and hands-on work was very helpful and I enjoyed it very much"


"We need a repeat, including pump basics with solving actual problems we have, - probably a 3 or a 4-day, and just as intense. I look forward to it, as soon as you can come back"