Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



From the United States Merchant Marine Academy

Kings Point, NY

 (May 13-14, 2003)


High Seas of pump fundamentals - ready to roll!



Goulds ANSI-dimensioned centrifugal pump - the workhorse of chemical industry.



Next - focus on materials: structural engineered composites (not plastics!), such as: Sims Pump: 80% lighter then metal, rated to 400 deg. F temperature, inert to most chemicals (superior for salt water, brine and brackish). Replacement parts (impellers, bushings, rings) for all brands and makes of centrifugal pumps - a solution to many maintenance and reliability problems.



This Allweiler Progressing Cavity pump can handle very viscous fluids



Group 1 (front) reassembles progressing cavity pump, while Group 2 (further away) is working on a Ranger external gear pump. IMO 3-Screw pump (shown with two read port covers) is ready for the next exercise.



Groups switch - gear pump is assembled, and progressing cavity pump is almost complete also.



One of the students demonstrates the principle of the reverse-dial-indicator shaft alignment method, using the A-Line Company tool kit. 



Parallel 2-pumps operation can be tricky - the flow does not double?! Using two small (March company) mag-drive seal-less pumps, we test and plot the performance curve for each pump, and then for a complete system.



After a two days of theory, hands-on work, and application examples - time for a group photo! See you next time! Happy sailing!