September 23-24, Long Island, NY


    Done with the coffee. Ready to start!


    OK... - don't worry - it's easy!


        Let's see... Can I lift the pump by magic?

        OK, Doc... Step aside, let us show you how it's done!



  I see... ANSI pumps have threaded shafts, but you said the API impellers are keyed? 


        Next, a seal assembly. And it is a double seal version.


  Can we put this external gear pump together before the other group finishes the three-screw pump?!

      OK, guys... Let me show how it's done...

  I think I forgot a screwdriver inside this pump the last time...

      Wait! I feel something moving in the packings...

  OK, guys... Why is this shaft not turning?!

      Well, we better take it apart to make sure...


   I told you we did not need these parts!


Why do they call it Progressing Cavity pump? Where is it progressing to?  


Nice design, and not too difficult... But how is the rotor attached to the drive shaft?



OK, Doc... It's your turn now - get to the wrenches! We want to see you take this pump apart in 2 minutes, and with eyes closed - and don't tell us it's impossible!


	Hello Dr. Lev:
Thank you so much for a very practical course.
I learned a great deal and found it very useful. You are very enthusiastic about pumps and it shows.  
That makes for great teaching and a wonderful experience in your class. 
Glad to have had the opportunity to be one of your students.
Mary Holzmann
Keyspan, Northport Power Station
	Thank you, Mary. I am glad you enjoyed the course and found it useful.
Best regards, and - keep on pumping!
Lev Nelik
Pumping Machinery, Pump School Instructor