Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



At Georgia Power (Southern Company), Atlanta, GA, May 12-13, 2004





Above: Progressing Cavity Pumps - a unique Equal-Wall-Feature: more pressure at less space



Above: Centrifugal Pumps: pump reassembly, and pump-to-motor alignment


The best part - lunch!




Gear Pumps and Multiple-Screw Pumps


A question came up, - and information is coming in from the home plant.


Keep-on-pumping! - Greeting from DoctorPump!



Feedback from the attendees...


  "I really enjoyed your class - very, very informative. I enjoyed the theory, troubleshooting, and wish it was even longer! Keep up the good work!"


"In the beginning, formulas were as clear as mud! - but toward the end, I started to see more clearer. My understanding has doubled about where and which pumps are better suited"


"A very learning experience. Very informative. I didn't think, coming in, that I would learn so much, but you made it very interesting and enjoyable"


"I learned a lot about practical aspects of pumps and their workings"


"Good class, learned a lot, especially with "hands-on" part. Lots of questions answered in layman terms".


"Instructor has the ability to relate appropriate information to mechanics, engineers, and operators, - all on their individual levels and needs"


"We should repeat this class at other plants of Southern Company as well"


"Great class. Very informative. Kept me interested, - but need more breaks! Great sense of humor, relates well to the people. Thanks!"