Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



At the Pumping Solutions Training Center, Chicago, IL, March 23-24, 2004


Feedback from the attendees:


     "Nice selection of pumps in class, and cutaways are a good way of showing the design details"


    " Dr. Nelik is very knowledgeable of his practice and - entertaining as well, with a sense of humor. He is an excellent "hands-on-and-theory" type of an instructor"


    "A good refresher course on pumps"


    "It was interesting to have a "Pre-Test" at the beginning of the class. I changed 50% of my "Pre-Test" answers, after the class, of the same "Post-Class" Questionnaire test"


    "I did not know much about the hydraulics, and formulas. I feel much better about that after the class"


    "Class would be very helpful to many of our mechanics and maintenance crew"


Some of the class "mementos"...


No matter what technology does - a Hammer is still a Hammer!




Live running of a Progressing Cavity pump, equipped with a power monitor, to detect dry running, as well as over-pressure.


Progressing Cavity stator "thin-equal-wall" design - for higher pressure, and longer life.



Motor power monitor - a good way to detect pump dry running, with set point easily fine-tuned by the pump user.



"Do I feel this blower vibrating? Do I? Do I not? Well, I guess the sound enclosure is working pretty good!"



And this is how a rotary blower works... In fact, lobe pumps operate on a similar principle, and look similar.



Gear pumps, multiple screw pumps, progressing cavity pumps - cutaways and actual working models, were part of the learning.


O, no!  - Why didn't you tell me that this non-metallic mag-drive pump can handle touch chemicals before?! I have just an application for it at my mill! 


Metering pumps and systems - a self-contained unit, ready to go, including a calibration column, for better accuracy.


Regenerative Turbine pumps - an interesting design: extremely low NPSH capability, and - handling significant volumes of gas, such as encountered in multi-phase pumping.