Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



At Pumping Solutions, Inc. - a pump distributor in Chicago

training session for their customers:

Proctor & Gamble, Chicago Metropolitan Water District, and others



Feedback from the attendees:


"I want to thank Pumping Solutions and Dr. Nelik for putting together a super class. I don't think it could be done better. The teacher was great, the food was good, the building classroom was state of the art"


"Lev's clear presentation and enthusiasm made it easy to absorb a large amount of information. Thanks!"


"The course was extremely educational. In a short 2 days I learned more about pumps than a full semester of fluid mechanics course. Lev's attitude is fantastic and his method of solving problems is something I will be using at work"










Keep-on pumping!

Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E., APICS