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Colonial Pipeline - emergency repair of a multistage (United 4x11 MSN ) centrifugal pump




1 - Pump rotor crushed at the Colonial Pipeline terminal. Pumping Machinery repair shop went into action immediately. A spare rotor is compared to the problem unit

2 - The rotor is being disassembled and impellers removed for repair

3 - Spare shaft is trued up, the rotor assembled and balanced to 4W/N

4 - In the meantime, casing is repaired, including flange surface restoration (milling)

5 - Next, casing halves are assembled, together with bearing housings and line-bored to restore concentricity

6 - the pump is then reassembled and ready for final paint to be shortly on the way to the customer.


 Fast turnaround, with quality of work and attention to detail - is what makes good customer service. 10-day complete rebuild job - and the unit is back in operation, moving product up the pipeline.