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PUMPVIB-10 Multi-Channel (custom-built) Vibration Analysis System

 PumpVib-10: multi-channel vibration analyzer, made to order for a single pump/motor, a batch of pumps, or for the entire station or plant. A typical standard model is 3-channel option. It shows (simultaneously) accelerations, velocities, and displacements overall value for history trend tracking, magnitude-time graphs, and spectral FFT magnitudes values versus time. A Diagnostic Module analyzes the signal and provides feedback on possible rotor unbalance, misalignment, blade pass frequency, cavitation and recirculation, bearing faults, looseness, and other root causes. Features include instant replay, report generation, hertz/RPM display, frequency zoom, and other options. System includes a ready-to-operate package: software, computer, three vibration accelerometers with 25 extension cables, and processing hardware, with no need for power supply (battery operated, no electric cords needed).  Perfect tool for maintenance department, engineering and reliability personnel involved with plants technical issues and troubleshooting. Technical support and training available, fast and simple. Information on this unit is at:

www.pumpingmachinery.com/pump_school/PVA/pva.htm (module #12).



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