Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



At the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Brooklyn Training Facilities

April 13-15, 2004






Feedback from the attendees...


"This is a great course. It is very detailed and intense. It refreshes my knowledge about pumps. On a scale of 1 to 10 - I rate is as an A-plus!"


"The Pumping Machinery course is a hit - both hands-on and classroom. Theory is very good. It is great for both experienced and less experienced personnel"


"Doctor Nelik is very knowledgeable, with a good sense of humor as well, which helped to liven-up the subject"


"Lev is an excellent instructor. He is very thorough. His hands-on training was excellent. The math was just right"


"The practical aspect was especially good: hands-on, to see the actual pump parts and do assembly"


"I thought the class was great. You touched almost everything that has to do with pumps. This was the first class where I am coming out with knowing at least 75% of the information instead of the usual 30%. Your went into great details, and, although some of the formulas were a bit confusing to me, but, for the most part I was able to stay with the flow, and learned a lot"