Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



At Con Edison, New York, November 18-19, 2004


Feedback from the attendees:


"I liked the class very much and thought the hands-on work was very useful. The material was made very easy to understand"

Malaika Ingram


"Excellent course! I learned a lot, and will highly recommend to others"

Rolando Gonzales


"I thought the class was great. Approach to the subject was clear, concise, and organized. Some of the material, such as practice and theory, I had long forgotten, were reviewed and re-learned. The practical hands-on was also a great exercise"

Ernest Kim


"The pump training was excellent, - the best pump training I ever had. I learned new things and it refreshed my memory"

John Cambieianis



Each attendee received 1.6 CEU, - and there was a test!




A centrifugal pump hands-on work (left), and a gear pump reassembly and repacking.




Multiple-screw pumps (left), and progressing cavity pumps (right), and application specifics.



Specialty materials, such as structural engineered composites were covered.



Actual test of a centrifugal pump, followed by testing of two pumps operating in parallel. The test data was then plotted by the participants, to produce pump performance curves.


Good learning. Will see you at the next session at Con Edison, on February 14-15, 2005! Happy pumping!