Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



At Coca-Cola Atlanta World Headquarters, Pump Maintenance Workshop

August 16-20, 2005


Hydraulics - Assembly - Alignment - Performance Testing - Tools - System Interaction - Troubleshooting   

on a variety of pump types         


Feedback from the attendees:


"I think that this class was very interesting and more detailed than other training classes I have taken. All other classes usually went over the basic material and when I ask to go into details on certain things, they would tell you that they don't want to get into details. Dr. Nelik had no problem with going into details or answering questions pertaining to problems that we were having on our actual equipment. I really enjoyed his class which made understanding the theory and rules of thumb seem simple"

Tony McQueen


"I will certainly use the information to change the way certain tasks are done, due to a better understanding of pumps, seals, bearings, and the way they work together"

Darrel Wilder


"I got a lot out of the hands-on training because you get more out of actually doing that versus just book reading"

Rick Horn, Jr.


"Your approach to explaining and including everyone in the class was great"

Gerard Capane


"Very useful class and a learning experience. Thanks!"

David Prather


"I think Dr. Nelik was excellent as a teacher. I will tell my management that the class was a success. Look forward to see you again in the future!"

Nick Agan