Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



Open Pump School session, Chicago, June 20-21, 2006


Among topics discussed was applications and reliability of mechanical seals, packing and flushing systems. Rob Ricket, who was in attendance, shared the following story of the improper packing method:




I thank you for sharing your knowledge with us during your recent seminar. The notes and study material will help me digest all the information presented. Also, take a look at this interesting example of shafting failure stemming from failure to remove the final inboard ring of packing prior to repacking the pump. The pump was repacked improperly, and the shaft snapped 15 mins after startup. Note the near-perfect weld beads the filled the lantern ring ports. It’s hard to see in the pictures, but the fracture occurred in an area that had “thin-walled” due to plastic flow at high RPM.


Best regards,

Rob Ricket, John Crane




Steve Brumm, from Hypro pump company, adds his feedback about the training:

"Hands-on portion was good, including pumps that I have not seen before. Material was presented in flexible manner, to be able to scale to the class size and ability/knowledge level"