Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



Atlanta, Georgia - April 7-8, 2005


(Among the attendees were: Gwinnett County Water Company, Electric Boat Corporation, City of Atlanta Sewer Group, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, CDM (Camp Dresser & McKee), Peace Corps engineering, Roper Pump Company)



I found your seminar very informative and consider my two days spent with you a wise investment.  I learned the most from being able to work with actual pumps; sometimes reading about the mechanics just doesn’t cut it, as my imagination and visualization skills can only go so far.  I have a feeling I will be referring back to my notes for years to come. Thank you again for a great seminar.


Best Regards,

Leslie Fowells

Regional Sales Manager

Roper Pump Company

Commerce, GA




Testing pumps and plotting the pump test curve - parallel operation can be surprisingly... -  interesting!




Hands-on work - lots of it!





A Pump Class Graduate - a Diploma to have!