Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



Atlanta, Georgia

February 10-11, 2005

Advanced Class (limited enrollment, with strong prior background in rotating machinery)



(Among the attendees were: Georgia Power, South Texas Nuclear Operating Company, Atlanta City Water and Waste Treatment municipality, John Crane Seal Company)


Hands-on, to get a good "feel" for the hardware...












 Then - theory: from quick basics refresher - to advanced engineering

Plotting the pump test curve - parallel operation can be surprisingly interesting!

Luncheon - special treatment: food delivered by the local Bombay restaurant - smells great! and the taste - out of this world!




Group exercise and problem solving - a case of motor overload and troubleshooting; then - parallel operation of several "noisy"  vertical turbine pumps; and also - suction conditions and NPSH class problem for a self-priming pump.


Comments from the attendees:

"Dr. Nelik is an excellent teacher, I enjoyed the course", M. Hassan


"Great class. Great presentation.", L. Clark


"I enjoyed every moment of your class, your lecture material was excellent, and it refreshed material in my memory. I hope to be able to attend your other classes as well", N. Rahim


"This advanced course was very well thought out and provided good insight into practical aspects of pump operation and troubleshooting", J. Mills


"I learned a lot. I saw the insides of some pumps I did not know much about before, and this was very informative", R. Bavani


"This is one of the best training courses I've had in a while. Good mix of theory and real examples, and hands-on work to keep us alert. I like your passion for your work", L. Hunt


Thank you, folks! Keep on pumping!

Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E., APICS