Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



Pump School Training at

U.S. Technology Center for Pumping Machinery

Atlanta, Georgia

January 21-22, 2004

(Among the attendees: Bechtel, Georgia Power / Southern Power, Atlanta City Water and Waste Treatment, Northrop Grumman)


   First - some theory... Then - hands-on!

ANSI Centrifugal pump, mounted on a baseplate and coupled to a motor

    ...pump disassembly...

...and complete pump-to-motor alignment...

...Seal-less Mag-Drive design: no seal, no leak.

            ...Multiple-Screw pumps disassembly...

Georgia Power - in action!



Progressing Cavity pump type (above) - inspecting hydraulic section and connecting rod joint design. Interesting feature: constant wall thickness of the elastomeric stator, to extend pump life.

...Any questions?