Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



Atlanta, Georgia - January 19-20, 2006


Stephan Montes and Jorge Sanchez from Best PumpWorks Equipment (Houston) working with Matt Lewis from AESSEAL, Inc (Knoxville office) on hands-on assembly of the end suction centrifugal ANSI pump, gear pump, multiple screw pump, and other equipment, as well as pump theory.



I found the introductory course very informative as well as educational. I plan to use this knowledge extensively in my daily work function. Enjoyed the hands-on approach especially!

Stephan Montes, Sr. Design Engineer, Best Pump Works, Houston, TX


Good mix of theory with illustrative examples, and hands-on. Good engineering emphasis, good use of time.

Matt Lewis, AESSEAL, Knoxville, TN


Great details in answering questions. Extensive opportunity to learn in this type of class environment. Opportunity to see the internal anatomy of different pump types used in the industry.

Jorge Sanchez, Best Pump Works, Houston, TX