Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



Anderson, SC, - January 16-17, 2008


This training class was sponsored by, and on premises of - Anderson Regional Joint Water System

Among the attendees: Anderson Regional Water, Fluor Engineering, Union Pump Textron, Nestle Purina, DuPont Vespel, Chevron, Chesterton

Keep on pumping!




Lev:  Thanks very much for the training. It was a great course, entertaining and informative with a nice mix of theory, practice and hands-on. The test rig exercise in developing a pump head/capacity performance curve was very helpful.  I had a chance to apply that this week as a vendor asked us to accept a pump curve "that meets your pump specs without a discharge orifice plate".  Knowing what I was looking at, it was easy to see, and understand, that the pump shut off head was not greater than the rating point head by the margin we required.

Kind regards,

Russell Beach
Design Engineer (Rotating Machinery)
Fluor Engineering