Pumping Machinery Consulting and Training



Israeli Electric Company

Hadera, Israel, March 15-17, 2009


Theory - hands-on - real equipment - testing - assembly - troubleshooting

Busy, interesting, and informative








From the course instructor: Keep on Pumping!


Feedback from the course attendees:


Hello Dr. Lev Nelik and Mr. Alexey Lebedev,

I want to thank you for the interesting course. The pump world is very interesting, and the way of how you describe it was even more interesting.

The subjects we learned in the course helped me understand better the problems in the power plant that I work at.


I look forward to our working together.


Thank you,

Ben Yosef Slomi

Manger of Generation Engineering Dept

Reading Power Plant, IEC



Hi Lev, how are you?
It was delightful to get to know you as a lecturer and especially as a human-being... The course feedback will be sent to you in a few days.  I want to tell you that the participants enjoyed the training, and it was excellent!
Thank you and best regards,
Chaim Barak

Note:  grade  of  10  stands  for  excellent. 

21  participated  on  this course,  21 filled-out  the  feed-back form.